Security Screening Process

All passengers departing Brisbane Airport International and Domestic Terminals must go through a security screening point before boarding a flight.

All hand luggage (including handbag, camera etc.) will be put through an X-ray machine and may be subject to search.

Millimeter Wave body scanning equipment has recently been introduced at Brisbane International Airport only. Any refusal of the random selection for clearance by way of this equipment will result in a 24 exclusion period being enforced which may result in the passenger not being able to make their flight.

For further information regarding body scanners please visit the Australian Government TravelSECURE web site.

All laptop computers must be removed from carry-on baggage and x-rayed separately.

What can’t I take in my carry-on luggage?

All weapons and explosives including firearms, ammunition, pocket knives or cutting implements such as pointed scissors, or other objects like tools or letter openers are prohibited as hand luggage.

Prohibited items detected during the screening process will not be held for you. If you are in doubt about an item, pack it in your check-in baggage.

For further information regarding body scanners please visit the Australian Government TravelSECURE web site.

Liquids, Aerosols and Gels (LAGs)

When travelling on international flights from Brisbane Airport, passengers will need to comply with requirements for Duty Free and personal LAGs products in their carry-on baggage.

LAGs are restricted to only those in containers of up to 100ml in size.

These 100ml containers must fit into a 1 litre re-sealable transparent plastic bag that measures no more than a total of 80cm in circumference.

Airline Customer Service staff on Level 4 and Aviation Protection staff on Level 3 of the International Terminal can provide these plastic bags to assist with preparation for screening.

Only one re-sealable transparent plastic bag per passenger is allowed and the bag must be sealed.

Prescription medicines, where the name on the medicine matches the name on the boarding pass, can be taken on board in carry-on baggage.

Non-prescription medicines and baby products are also exempt from the security measures, but the amount carried is restricted to a quantity that is reasonable for the duration of the flight.

There are no restrictions to the amount of LAGs passengers are allowed to pack in checked baggage

LAGs restrictions do NOT apply to domestic flights.

Screening Equipment

Not all screening equipment is the same. At Brisbane Airport the following passenger screening equipment is employed:

  1. Multi View X-Ray for the screening of carry-on baggage and any other items.
  2. Walk through Metal Detectors for the screening of people.
  3. Millimetre Wave Body Scanners for the screening of people.
  4. Bottle Liquid Scanners for the screening of liquids.
  5. Explosive Trace Detection for the screening of people and items.

All checked baggage is screened by explosive detection capable x-ray systems.

Jokes and Inappropriate Comments

Any comment made, even in jest, regarding the carriage or possession of a weapon or explosive device will be taken seriously and may result in prosecution and/or the airline refusing carriage.

Unattended Items

Never leave property unattended and never check-in or take items on board an aircraft for other people. If you see any unattended items please call the Australian Federal Police (AFP) on 131 237

All baggage should have your name and address written inside and your name, destination and a contact phone number displayed on the outside.

Travel warnings

For the latest travel advisories from the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade visit:

Reporting suspicious behaviour

If you see notice any suspicious behaviour or suspicious luggage unattended please report directly to the Australian Federal Police by calling 131 237

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